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Assessments 2023 - 2024


  • ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Total Testing Time (Computer-Based):

    Students work at their own pace using the following guidelines:

    Listening: Up to approximately 40 minutes

    Reading: Up to approximately 35 minutes

    Speaking: Up to approximately 30 minutes

    Writing Tier A: Up to approximately 45 minutes

    Writing Tier B/C: Up to approximately 60 minutes


    NJSLA-Science Total Testing Time (Computer-Based)**:

    Grade 5: 180 minutes

    Grade 8: 180 minutes

    Grades 11: 240 minutes


    NJSLA-English Language Arts & Mathematics Total Testing Time (Computer-Based)**:


    Grades 3-8: 180 minutes

    Algebra I, Geometry & Algebra II: 180 minutes

    English Language Arts/Literacy:

    Grade 3: 150 minutes

    Grades 4-8: 180 minutes

    Grades 9-10: 180 minutes


    NAEP Total Testing Time (Computer-Based)**:

    Grade 4: 180 minutes

    Grade 8: 180 minutes


    * Required by State

    ** Per State March 2019 updated Unit Testing Times


    It is very important to note that all students may not be administered all assessments. If a student is permitted extra time or any other accommodations by their 504 or IEP, parent/ guardians should contact their guidance office/special services for additional details on accommodations and accessibility options. Students with severe cognitive disabilities may be assigned to take the DLM assessments as prescribed by their IEP team.