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JFK joins an ESPN sports broadcasting event

A group of students from the Sports Media & Communications Program at John F. Kennedy High School from Paterson, New Jersey, participated in an ESPN experience. The group joined Mr. Darryl Jacobs, ESPN & CBS Sports Networks College Basketball Analyst/Commentator, at the Run Baby Run Arena in St. Peter's University on Saturday, March 9th. The students enjoyed breakfast and received the opportunity to access comprehensive training, guidance, networking opportunities, real-world experience in a sports broadcasting environment, and a fast-paced production of a live event. 

The future sports broadcasters were impressed and genuinely inspired by witnessing firsthand the behind-the-scenes workings of an ESPN broadcast. Before the game, the students received training on setting up broadcast equipment, preparation for broadcasters, and media display. During the game, the team joined the camera operator team, control truck, and broadcasters. After the game, the students participated in a press conference post-game. Finally, to return home after an unforgettable experience, the group will cherish it and apply it to future events the JFK Sports Media Program has planned.

The JFK sports media and communications program would like to thank our ESPN host, Mr. Darryl Jacobs. The students would also like to thank Mr. Cozart, Ms. Coy, and Mr. Osoria for facilitating the students' attendance at the event.