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JFK School Bank

North Jersey FCU first came to JFK high school over a decade ago, and throughout this time we have maintained a close relationship with the JFK Knights. This past Spring, North Jersey FCU and JFK high School were successful in launching “The Castle 2.0” for the students and faculty of John F. Kennedy Educational complex. 

JFK Bank “The Castle 2.0” is opened, and this collaborative, financial literacy initiative between John F. Kennedy High School and North Jersey Federal Credit Union has obtained State accreditations, allowing the Castle student workers to receive credits toward their high school diploma.

The JFK students working in The Castle are a very enthusiastic group who have quickly become accustomed to the credit union’s all-new core processing systems. Castle students are able to make funds more available and use an ATM. But most importantly, students serve as financially-literate role models to their fellow students and peers.