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Sports Communications and Multimedia

Dr. Friday - Vice Principal
Dr. Friday
Ms. Acevedo - Supervisor


  • Intro to TV Production
  • Intro to Sports Media
  • Intro to Social Media
students recording narration
student performing on stage
student using a crane
tv studio
interview inside a classroom
students recording an interview in the hallway

Sport Media:

The Intro to Sports Media Production offers our students unique on-air and behind-the-scenes opportunities. The department has a live sports streaming capacity with HD cameras set up to broadcast live sports using the Paterson Public Schools network capacity. Our students announce, direct, and produce these events. Our classes give students valuable experience in front of and behind the camera. Podcasts are also produced in the JFK TV Studio, where students produce sports talk shows. Sports Broadcasting students also cover league, county, and state award ceremony events. A 30-minute JFK sports highlight show is also part of the program. This course prepares our students to become multimedia sports broadcasters as they work in all production stages. 

Social Media:

Students in this course will explore the history, foundations, and current trends of Social Media. Analysis in the four units includes the past and present of social media, legality & content, preparing yourself socially for social media, and how to begin your social media marketing career. Learning centers around career-ready practices that include understanding trends, targeting customers, creating new ideas, and creating an authentic self to show on social media. Students will complete hands-on, experiential social media communications while strengthening core math, technology, and language arts competencies.