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Architecture and Construction

Mr. Ramdaph - Vice Principal
VP Ramdaph
Mr. Hernandez- Supervisor


  • Carpentry
  • Construction Trades
teacher helping a student to operate a  machine
students building a small house
students building small house models

Carpentry is the art and trade of cutting, working, and joining wood. The term includes both structural woodwork in framing and items such as doors, windows, and staircases. A carpenter builds and repairs things made from wood and that is what our carpentry students learn. Our students get to make birdhouses, dog houses, and even model houses. They learn to use many carpentry tools and do so safely.  

Because of a recent partnership between JFK and the Carpentry Union, students in this pathway learn the content that other students learn only after graduating high school. That means students at JFK earn points toward levels in the carpentry union and get paid more than their peers upon graduation.  Our program is also linked to a college so that students who want to be project managers can earn college credits.

Construction Trades.  In this pathway, students learn a little about several trades including plumbing, electricity, carpentry, and roofing. Students learn safety skills and how to stay safe on a construction site. Students participate in lots of projects at school to improve their skills and get better prepared to work in construction upon graduation.